Our Approach

Our experienced management team of commercial, clinical, pharma/biotech development and regulatory professionals leads a 4-step approach in the complex process of creating biopharmaceuticals:

1. Market opportunity

Biopartners first identifies a market need based on:

  • Improving patient outcomes through  improved formulations or that better comply with patients quality of life.
  • Providing therapeutics that significantly combine safety and efficacy with competitive pricing
2. State-of-the art production processes

Biopartners has entered into long-term strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers with state-of-the-art production processes that are regularly inspected by the FDA/EMA.

3. Thorough clinical development

Committed to improving patients’ health, Biopartners is bringing to market biopharmaceuticals developed to the highest quality standards, and with a well documented safety and efficacy profile based on rigorous and extensive clinical trials. Biopartners works with worldwide experts in their chosen fields, and conducts clinical trials using established CRO’s.

4. Regional and global distribution partners

By negotiating distribution agreements with established companies, Biopartners maintains a flexible distribution strategy to allow for both the different market needs by region or country and the diversity of its product pipeline.