Partners & Distributors

Biopartners is experienced at establishing partnerships with leading companies for the development, manufacture and distribution of its products.

Development and manufacturing partners

Biopharmaceutical production is far more complex than the production of small molecule pharmaceuticals. Quality and safety are at the heart of everything we do and therefore the identification of reliable development and manufacturing partners is especially important. Our R&D partners and manufacturing companies are selected on the basis of successful performance and a good track record of compliance with relevant FDA, EMA and worldwide regulations.

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The Biopartners Global Distribution Network

Biopartners has adopted a flexible distribution strategy, engaging with distributors to match their reach, skills and expertise with the differing needs of each geographical market and the diversity of Biopartnersí product pipeline. For its innovative formulations, such as sustained release human Growth Hormone (SR-rhGH), Biopartners intends to partner with distributors with an international reach. Under these distribution agreements Biopartners licenses the exclusive marketing rights in certain countries or groups of countries. The distribution license can be for one or several of its product candidates or its entire product portfolio. This flexible licensing strategy provides both the distributors and Biopartners with the proper incentives to maintain a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

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